Poly-phase Electrical energy meter/monitor with integrated web server and advanced datalogging.


The Hardware

The NetMeter-3P is a DIN rail mounted module that can measure over 50 electrical parameters from a 3-phase, split-phase, or up to 3-single phase loads.

It is wired-in, to measure voltage and current, using current transformers. The Z3 sensor continuously monitors and calculates power use and stores the data in an internal memory. Both real-time and historical data is available through the built-in network gateway. In addition to power information, the sensor also measures many other electrical parameters including:


  • Active power
  • Reactive power
  • Apparent power
  • Accumulated energy (active/reactive/apparent)
  • Fundamental accumulated energy (active/reactive)
  • RMS current
  • RMS voltage
  • Power factor
  • Phase angle
  • Line frequency
  • Totals and per-phase measurements

The Gateway Capability

The built-in Gateway function bridges between the Sensor and the network. It serves up real-time and historical power consumption data from the sensor and transmits it throughout the network, and optionally over the internet, to any browser enabled device or HTTP client.

The Software

Since the NetMeter is accessible using a standard web browser, it requires NO software to be installed on your computer!  Instead, the integrated Gateway has a built-in web server that utilizes Web 2.0 techniques enabling a highly interactive, real-time user experience. This eliminates the headaches of installing special software and drivers to be able to use the device. 

The following capabilities are provided using the built-in web interface:

  • Real-time energy use updated every second
  • Historical energy use graphical display with dynamic pan/zoom control
  • Embedded energy analytics
    • Demand profile, demand trend, energy calendar, monthly energy use, heat map, KPI's
  • Color coded data (shows user defined green/yellow/red depending on power consumption level)
  • Download data as CSV text file or JSON for external processing
  • Ability to query data using a published API

Open Platform

Z3 provides a documented Application Programming Interface (API) based on a cost-free license. It allows users and 3rd party developers to easily integrate the Z3 data into their custom application:

  • Generate reports that consolidate enterprise-wide energy assets
  • Combine energy data into integrated displays of information important to business operations (dashboards)

With the Z3 API, real-time and historical energy data is available using standard Web 2.0 programming techniques such as HTML, Javascript, and AJAX.

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System Diagram

Example System Diagram for Commercial/Industrial Application


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NetMeter applications include:

  • Energy monitor
    • Reduce energy costs through energy awareness
    • Continuous, real-time remote energy monitoring
    • Consolidated business energy dashboard
  • Energy auditing
    • Quickly measure the effectiveness of energy reduction strategies
  • ISO 50001
    • Monitor and measure processes as required by ISO 50001
  • Solar/wind generation
    • Monitor both generated and consumed energy



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For complete specifications, see the Installation Manual in the Documents section

  Model: NetMeter-3P-600
Hardware DIN mount form factor containing combined sensor and gateway
Software All software is contained in the unit itself and requires only a standard web browser to use.  No PC software application installation is required.
Sensor Input

1, 2, or 3 Phases
Voltage input: 90-380VAC (neutral referenced)

CT Current Input: up to 100mV peak, 0.35V RMS input (suitable for CT's employing built-in burden resistor and producing 0.333V RMS at full scale).

Power Supply

18-28VAC or VDC


Ethernet (RJ45) compatible with 10Mb/100Mb/1Gb switches and routers.

Web Server Protocols HTTP/HTTPS server, DHCP client, NetBIOS, ICMP server
SCADA/BAS Integration Modbus TCP, built-in electronic Modbus map for easy setup
User Interface Standard Web browser interface with pages for realtime power, historical power with day-over-day comparison, network and sensor setup
Data Retention >2 years @ 1 minute resolution, ~14 years @ 1 hour resolution
Developer API

Standard HTTP query (POST and GET) returning JSON or XML formatted data

Queries for: gateway configuration, sensor configuration, and sensor data (realtime and historical)

Software updates Both the operating system and web server content can be updated over the network without losing data history
Security User (local and/or remote) and Administrator passwords, SSL capable
Operating Conditions 0°C to 60°C, 85% relative humidity

Browser Compatibility

Compatible with all major modern web browsers including:

  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer (Version 9 or above)
  • Google Chrome
  • Opera
  • Safari

Follow this link to test your browser for compatibility: Browser Compatibility Check