NetMeter-3P-600: Installation


The NetMeter-3P-600 is a 3-Phase energy monitoring device.

This online help resource provides up-to-date information to help you install and operate the NetMeter-3P-600.


The basic steps for NetMeter installation are:

  • Electrical installation:
    • To be done by a qualified electrician
  • Network installation:
    • Connecting the NetMeter to an Ethernet network (LAN)
    • Typically done by the IT department
  • NetMeter configuration/commissioning
    • Setting up the NetMeter so that it will begin collecting data
For new users, it is recommended that the NetMeter be configured before the electrical installation. This will allow the user to safely familiarize themselves with the NetMeter operation without any lethal voltages present.

The following brief video illustrates this procedure: Setup Tutorial Video

Electrical installation of the NetMeter is described in the Installation Manual:

User Manuals
Title Type Size Date Note
NetMeter-3P-600 Installation Manual 4MB 2015-12-21

User Interface Navigation

The main user interface navigation appears as:

Main Navigation

The functions are:

Home Home: takes you to the designated home page. 
The home page may be chosen in the LAN/Network Configuration page.
History View high resolution historical data
Overview View a calendar like overview of historical data
Details View real-time electrical parameters in detail
Setup Takes you to the setup screen where you can configure the NetMeter
Datalog View/save data from the advanced data logger