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Getting Started!

Once you have decided to begin your project, please contact Z3 Controls or one of our partners.

In preparation for your call, please consider the following:

  • What is your objective for energy monitoring?
  • Are you eligible for incentive programs through your utility company? Contact your utility company to determine which programs are accessible to your organization.
  • Be sure to consult the relevant stakeholders in your organization, such as IT and the facilities manager, to ensure they are ready to support your project installation

Planning Your Project

A typical project requires the following:

  • Site Plan
    • This can be as simple as a list of which circuits need to be monitored
  • Electrician:
    • NetMeters need to be installed by an electrician. If you have a staff electrician or an electrical contractor that you are already familiar with, then Z3 Controls can work with them to support your installation. If this is not the case, Z3 Controls may still be able to recommend a contractor in your area that is already familiar with NetMeter installations.
  • IT:
    • The NetMeter requires an Ethernet connection to your network. Your IT department will need to be involved.
  • Facilities Manager:
    • Installation of the NetMeter(s) will require access to the electrical room(s) and other areas of the facility. In some cases, it may be necessary to shut down parts of the facility to enable installation to proceed safely, which may need to be done after hours.

The following spreadsheet may be useful in planning the installation:

User Guides
Title Type Size Date Note
NetMeter-3P Setup/Commissioning Worksheet 51KB 2013-02-20


ISOFor a comprehensive approach to energy management, consider the ISO 50001 standard.