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Z3 Controls provides a comprehensive set of tools for a variety of commercial/industrial energy monitoring applications.

Why Monitor Energy?

Energy monitoring is an important first step in developing an energy conservation plan that will lead to real world savings and help reduce your carbon footprint.



  • Monitor total load: your power utility provides a revenue meter. However, these meters are designed for billing, not for real-time energy monitoring. Z3 Controls NetMeter-3P product provides user-friendly energy data in real time and years worth of historical view.
  • Monitor specific equipment: the NetMeter-3P device can monitor any load from 5 Amps to thousands of Amps. By submetering a large commercial or industrial facility down to major individual loads (such as chillers, extruders, lighting, data centers, etc.), problem areas can be identified and targeted for mitigation.
  • Lower peak demand: industrial electricity tariffs are often based on peak electricity demand. The real-time capabilities and the peak demand function of the NetMeter-3P can be useful in quantifying peak demand and assessing mitigation efforts. By shifting or staggering large startup loads, peak demand can typically be improved. The NetMeter-3P can help you do before/after comparisons to measure the effectiveness of your optimization efforts.
  • Take advantage of Incentive Programs: many Local Distribution Companies (LDCs) power utilities will help pay for equipment retrofits. This usually requires the ability to measure and verify savings. Z3 Controls NetMeter devices have been successfully used in Retrofit, Measurement and Verification (M&V) and Monitor and Target (M&T) programs.

Cost Control:

  • Successful manufacturers in competitive industries must understand their input costs particularly as margins are squeezed. By utilizing the Z3 Controls NetMeter-3P for electricity and the NetMeter-OMNI for other energy and physical inputs, input costs can be continuously calculated and displayed in real-time dashboards.


  • Shop air can be a significant energy cost. The Z3 Controls NetMeter-OMNI is an effective tool for monitoring flow and pressure. When combined with compressor electricity monitoring (via the NetMeter-3P) optimization of air supply is possible:
    • Monitor for leakage: detecting and repairing leakage saves money and improves air supply.
    • Spot opportunities for improvements: partial shutdown during low demand periods, rightsizing of compressors, etc.
    • Optimize maintenance cycles to prevent costly shutdowns, better predict machine failure.


  • The Z3 Controls NetMeter-OMNI can be used to monitor the pulse output of water meters to show exactly when water is being consumed, both historically and in real-time.
    • Detect leakage.
    • Accurately determine water input costs.


  • Gas is another important energy cost and the Z3 Controls NetMeter-OMNI is an ideal way to track real-time and historical consumption. Gas monitoring requires a gas meter with a pulse and/or a flow output. The NetMeter-OMNI provides the data logging and dashboard visualization to make your gas meter meaningful.


  • Steam supply quality is determined by it's pressure, temperature, and the ability to maintain pressure and temperature at full flow rates. A Z3 Controls NetMeter-OMNI can simultaneously measure and log all the important parameters coming from the mechanical meter:
    • Pressure
    • Temperature
    • Cumulative Flow
    • Flow rate