NetMeter-3P: Save/Load Configuration


Setup->Configuration Save/Load

Requires administration privileges.

Requires firmware build number 0734 or higher.

The Configuration Save/Load screen provides a way to store the configuration of the NetMeter-3P to a file and also a way to load a configuration file into the configuration memory of a NetMeter-3P. 

Saving the Configuration

After navigating to the "Configuration Save/Load" screen: under "Save Configuration to a File" use the provided link (netmeter-3p-600.zfg) to save the configuration. This is typically done on most browsers by right clicking on the link and selecting "Save As" or "Save link as". The saved file will be a small text file with the default extension ".zfg".

Loading a Configuration File

In order to ensure that the loaded configuration is not combined with any pre-existing configuration information, make sure that the "Clear existing configuration before load" checkbox is selected before proceeding.

A previously stored configuration file from this or any other NetMeter-3P can be loaded by pressing the "Choose File" button then navigating to and selecting a previously saved configuration file (it should have the ".zfg" extension).

When the file has been successfully loaded a transcript similar to the following will be displayed:

Loading File: netmeter-3p-600.zfg
File size: 885 bytes loaded
Clearing all previous configuration.
Done: 25 parameters processed.

In order for all of the new parameters to take effect, a reset is required. However, the network settings should be reviewed prior to performing this reset otherwise communication with the NetMeter-3P may be lost.

Once the network configuration has been reviewed, navigate back to the Configuration Save/Load screen and press Reset the NetMeter or power cycle the NetMeter-3P to finalize the configuration.



Configuration information may be saved and then loaded back the same NetMeter-3P for the purposes of:

  • Saving a known good configuration in order to experiment with configuration options
  • Saving the configuration for backup purposes


The Configuration Save/Load capability allows a NetMeter-3P to be "cloned" so that the configuration of one NetMeter can be transferred to another.

When cloning is done, it is important to avoid having two NetMeter-3P's configured exactly the same way on the same network. At a minimum, the host name of one of the identically configured NetMeter-3P's should be changed to be unique on the network. 

Also, when static IP addresses are assigned, it is important to change the clone's IP address rather than allow it to keep the same IP as the originating NetMeter-3P. 

Ensure that each device on your network has a unique IP address.

Batch Configuration

A set of NetMeters can more easily be set up by using a known good configuration file and then applying it to multiple NetMeters rather than setting up all parameters manually. However, it is important to not copy over information (such as the IP address) that needs to be unique for each NetMeter. One way to do this is edit the reference configuration file and hand edit it to remove or alter certain key parameters. 

Here is an example configuration with key fields highlighted:

		"desc":"Z3 Controls",

The configuration file contains a "params" section with a number of "parameter-name":"parameter-value" pairs.

In order to make a "master" configuration file, remove at least the following parameters for "ip", "hostname", and "dhcp":




Now, when the modified configuration file is loaded, the key network settings will not interfere with other NetMeters.  It is then necessary to go into the NetMeter user interface and manualy configure the IP Address, NetName, and DHCP settings in addition to other values that need to be custom set.

Alternately, a file-per-NetMeter could be created, with the "ip", "hostname", and other fields such as "label", and "desc" pre-configured to uniquie values.

Take care when editing the configuration file to ensure that the JSON format remains correct. 

The JSON format may be verified using an online checker such as